An EU meet up? Where and what purpose will the meet up have?

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  • Purpose and potential benefits of a EU meet up? And were would a meet up take place?

    As I see it - some of us live in countries that are very conservative when it comes to rejuvenating interventions where no Dr or pharmacies will prescribe/sell dasatinib or metformin unless for the diseases they originally are aimed for. And those diseases has to be properly diagnosed.

    Quite a few pharmacies in India don't want to send dasatinib to Sweden. They said it probably wouldn't go through custom clearance. That is a sad fact.


    One way to make a meet up automatically meaningful is to host it in a country with a more progressive view of rejuvenation and age reversal. In real terms – the meet up will come with the option of having anti aging treatments like dasatinib+Q sessions and of course other treatments as well.

    • Flavio Ferlitz


      When it comes to meeting likeminded people one option is the undoing aging conference i Berlin 21-23 May 2020. 


    • Staffan Olsson Thank you Staffan! I did not know about that one! I subscribed to the newsletter, and I can see it's going to happen in October. I understood that in the UK one can get delivered the US prescribed medicines without problems, that's tempting. I've also been wondering about Switzerland. All I know is that I watched a video featuring dr. David Sinclair in Switzerland, saying he would like to partner with some Swiss research to deliver an anti-aging medicine. Switzerland has always been into certain things, but I wonder if one could get there what one needs in terms of the Age Rev.Network. I also wonder if there are members in the UK and Switzerland. I suppose I should try to find out.

    • Flavio Ferlitz Hi Again! Going to Undoing Aging would make meeting up with likeminded easier. Meeting up at a conference makes it possible to have a side meeting (like Brian proposed). There will already be a conference structure to participate in, so the quality of information will be great.


      But to make an aditional  sidemeeting purposeful (besidesfor the social dimension) I think there should be an interesting agenda for it. 

  • I'm Swedish (and American) so I have experienced the problem of getting age reversal treatments in Europe.

    I will not have time to be involved in the organization of a European meeting but I think it's a great idea and would definitely want to attend.

    Meanwhile, going to Undoing Aging (if it actually takes place) would also help. Perhaps there could even be a side-meeting of some kind.


    • BrianMDelaney Thanks Brian! Since it's not easy to know, like for instance on Longecity, where the members are located, do you happen to hear  if the  Swiss have an easier access to the same things we've been talking about? Thanks for your patience.

    • Flavio Ferlitz You would think there would be more freedom in Switzerland, since it's always been so independent, but as far as I know there is little or no difference in access to life extension therapies in Switzerland.

    • BrianMDelaney Thanks Brian!!!

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    • Ake
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    What about setting up an online meeting, for example over Zoom? One purpose of the meeting could be to discuss how we can improve accessibility to treatments; another how to increase interest in age-reversal treatments in Europe.

    • Ake Hi Ake! Both HEALES and Forever Healthy have Zoom meetings, which I attend, and after which I get enough newsletters, plus I follow all the possible groups. However I have US prescriptions that are good, but impossible to follow in EU, except for the fairly normal health advice. I just updated my profile with my next plans - to act on as soon as it will be possible to drive around again. Meanwhile I get the best Life Extension supplements off their magazine. Good thinking the meetings! Kind regards, Flavio

  • Hello European members! This is a follow up sent to me by HEALES about a European Initiative that seems to be going strong. Best. Flavio Ferlitz

    Attila Csordas   14 mai à 14 h 07

    we have 302 votes, now and European Army is at 294 accelerating in the last couple of days, we can't lose the top position, please get us more endorsements, please, here's template I use usually
    X, please endorse and share European Longevity Initiative's proposal at Conference on #FutureOfEurope website called Science-intensive healthy longevity technologies: development and access, this is a real life political test to show our commitment to healthy longevity cause/mission at EU level.Our proposal is already the top voted one in Health category!1. Voters need to register at
    2. Once logged in, please go to
    3. Click ‘Endorse’

    Science-intensive healthy longevity technologies: development and access

    Attila Csordas

    20/04/2021 23:27    56 commentaires 

    I represent the European Longevity Initiative, an advocacy group with members from 13+ EU countries, scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals from relevant categories.

    We would like to propose effective legal, budgetary, regulatory and institutional commitments to enable science intensive healthy longevity research and technologies, large scale aging focused geroprotective clinical trials and equitable access to these technologies to increase healthy life expectancy in the European Union.

    1. legal commitment: acknowledge the malleability of biological aging & the translational geroscience paradigm as the ultimate enabler of age-neutral human health in the EU’s legislative DNA. This specific EU legislation then can be used to justify the other 3 derivative commitments throughout.
    2. budgetary commitment: A sizeable proportion of the EU R&D budget dedicated specifically for developing science intensive healthy longevity technologies.
    3. regulatory commitment: Green light for Europe-wide aging focused geroprotective clinical trials by specific, enabling EMA regulation.
    4. institutional commitment: setting up a coordinated European Institute for Healthy Longevity research in EU member states, backed by the previous 3 commitments.

    On April 15, 2021 I have published an Opinion Piece and Detailed Commentary on the EU Green Paper on Ageing available at the website Longevity.Technology.

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      Flavio Ferlitz 

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