Compounding pharmacy sources for Dasatinib and quercetin

I have attended all three RAAD Festts in San Diego.   My wife and I were scheduled for stem cell therapy in Panama end of Oct 2018 but deferred the dates until we've implemented the sequential of interventions recommended by Society for Age Reversal.   We have started rapamycin and metformin and have NAD patches.  We're looking forward to an announcement soon on this site ( in a week of two) to determine the effectiveness of the patches.

 At any rate Bill Falloon indicated that one could obtain information on compound pharmacies in U.S. that prescribed Dasatnib and Quercetin.   I've been unable to locate.   Can someone help?



Fort Worth

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  • Any news yet for the study of  NAD+ patch effectiveness?


    Boulder, CO

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    • Suzanne mark

      On the NAD Path thread I detail my experience, on patch 3 today. 

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    • Suzanne Good   question.  Bill Faloon was going to

      announce the results of testing the NAD injection versus

      NAD patches. 

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    • Birgit Thorwald Yes he said that the patches were as effective. 

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  • Message this guy on FB as he's sharing his experiences on this though not much detail publicly.

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    • mark Thanks.  I will not log into Facebook in order to

      open that reference you gave me.  However, I have

      seen Mark Voelker's letters in other departments of

      the forum and will try to find him there.  I think it was

      he who wrote about his experience with an Indian

      supplier.  Anyway,  thanks for your reference ! Birgit.

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  • To Darryl. 

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    • Birgit Thorwald 

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    • Birgit Thorwald  To  Darryl:  have you found a

      trustworthy compounding pharmacy for dasatinib

      who sells it at less than FDA prices ?  Someone wrote

      about importing it from India, but the source seems

      to like hiding itself which makes me wonder about

      what is in it.

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      • RobH
      • RobH
      • 2 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Birgit Thorwald See the thread on Dasatinib.

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