Rapamycin & Covid

Recently the new Omicron BA2 variant busted through the triple vaxed fortress my family had built. I was ill for a few days, but never felt in danger. When the illness subsided I suffered from symptoms I hadn't really had during the illness; heavy weight in top of lungs, brain fog, fatigue.

These longer covid symptoms are generally thought to be auto-immune related, and temporary relief can be found in antihistamines. 

I'm still in a phase of tolerance testing rapamycin, but last sunday I dosed 4mg rapa with grapefruit (12mg equivalent?). Next day those persistent covid symptoms had collapsed and by day 2 were 90% gone.

Guess this is the immunosuppressant nature of the compound, but a rather nice health benefit not spoken about in the media.

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  • My experience with the first Omicron variant agreed with what I had read.  I had two days of cold-like symtoms, including a very mild sore throat.  I had one day of flu-like symtoms with rapid recovery on the fourth day.  And, the next day (the fifth day) it was all gone.  I was glad I had gotten it because of the potential added resistance to Covid-19 variants.  

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