Longo's fasting, DR, longevity conference

I'm at Longo's conference, which starts today.


Anyone in our group also attending?

1. I'll of course report on any significant findings.

2. Please fire off any questions you'd like me to get answers to.


P.S. I owe replies on other threads. Apologies. Nonstop work and traveling....

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    Dang it, missed this announcement. 

    The main question I have - which may not easily be answerable, is balancing the various approaches. We have a palette of tools now to regulate mTOR and other aging components - fasting, diet, neutracuticals and pharmaceuticals. However it's clear you can go too far - for example with Rapa we want to pulse it so as not to suppress the immune system too much. Likewise fasting suppresses the immune system in a similar way, but we only want to periodic fast and not chronically be low calorie. 


    For example I fast, take Metformin and neutracuticals, NAD patches shortly so am wondering what the balance would be and if Rapa would be beneficial, or possibly even too much. 

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  • I took Rapamycin at 2-3 mg /week for one year and it did drop my immune system enough that I experienced  a viral over load ,this cause  a rash called pitiaris rosea .caused by Herpes6a&b and a bad flu even after the over age 65 flu shot  I'm now pulsing it 12 weeks on and off,,[I take 1350 mg of Metformin /day as well]  it's hard to test for viruses, at least cheaply,,,anyone know a good inexpensive test?? Tagamet and aciclovir seems to have quelled the nasty little viruses,,jeff  

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  • Hi Brian.....Hope you can find an exciting Speaker that can be added to the excellent line up of Speakers at RAADfest 2019 this year.

      In the meantime, those of us close enough to South Florida, the Church of Perpetual life is going to have Bill Faloon and Steve Perry speak at the 7PM service.  Anyone nearby should try and attend this extraordinary session on life extension and GDF11.  

    Hope to see you there.

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