rapamycin, trametinib, lithium combo

This paper:

A triple drug combination targeting components of the nutrient-sensing network maximizes longevity



...discusses the effect of the effect of a rapamycin, trametinib, lithium combo on fruit fly life span extension.  

I am already taking rapamycin, 5mg once a week & metformin, 500 mg/day and would like to know dosages -- how much and how frequently -- ie hourly, daily, weekly, etc -- for the trametinib and lithium.

I expect that someone has already calculated this, knows where to find it, and can refer me to a link to that info.

email me at jrd31415@yahoo.com

Thanks, Jeff Davis

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  • Hey Jeff, you found this early!

    My questions to the members:

    Trametanib seems like the star. It’s a much effective anti-cancer based drug than Rapamycin (in this data). 
    and of course the lithium, now available from Life Extension. I’m now doing the Rapamycin-Lithium combo. 

    Group: We need a lot more discussion on Trametanib.

  • Just looked at prices on Goodrx. Trametinib costs about $3,500 for 30 .5mg tablets at Costco if you have a prescription.  I need to know more about the side effects of taking this cancer drug, what dosage to take and where to get it cheaper.

    • Bernie Hello, if you find out write me. Look to see if there is beaconpharma. You already know that you will have to buy it abroad if you want it cheaper. Another thing if you find out about the dose and the cycle, please tell me. Thank you

  • I participated in the Coalition for Radical Life Extension webinar today.  Bill Faloon recommended the rapamycin, trametinib, lithium combo during his presentation.  He emphasized the 48% increase of life for fruitflies on this combo.

    I plan to take rapamycin  when it arrives (due to  Covid19, shipping takes many weeks)  and I take 20mg of lithium orotate once a day.  I haven't investigated trametinib yet.

  • Nice find Jeff

    Anyone know how they came up with Trametinib?

  • I just corresponded with Bill Faloon about Trametinib.  This is not a drug you want to experiment with now as it needs further study. But it does show promise for the future.

  • Fruit flies - are you guys serious?

    Anything other than a mammalian study can be safely ignored until one is conducted and showed robust positive results.

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