Is it safe for a 77 year old copd patient with a weak heart to take senolytics?

Will it help him live longer? He is in the last stage of copd. Can there be a benefit or is it too risky?

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  • Looks like nobody else is willing to take responsibility for an answer to this.  What I'll do is add to the question by asking how dangerous is it for him to not do senolytic clearance.  The D+Q treatment is a challenge with many people feeling sick(er) for a day or two, while others don't seem to notice much.  I'm 75, and really didn't notice much except maybe an improvement in general wellness.  Perhaps a reduced dosage would be a safer trial.

    There's a lot more than just the judgement about the effectiveness of this treatment.  Are you informing him about it, advocating it, providing the materials, or what? Dasatinib usage is not standard of care, it's experimental. Legally you can obtain and use it for yourself.  It is illegal to provide it to others unless you have prescription authority.  So if the result is bad, or even noticed by others in authority, you could be in for some real trouble.

    The usual way to manage uncertainty is to spread the responsibility to a group.  That way no single person stands out as sole instigator.  If this group doesn't want to stand up for such an experiment, there's no way a group of doctors is going to put their heads on the potential chopping block.  They'd rather let the disease process take its natural path, which is safer for them.  

    My opinion is that anything experimental has to have sign-on by the person on the receiving end of the experiment.  People vary in their risk tolerance, and someone close to death may accept a much higher risk than that same person in health.

    Conclusion is that I've informed myself enough about D+Q that I've done the treatment several times.  And I intend to continue it regularly.  No way would I go beyond advocacy for someone else.  They've got to proactively seek the treatment, and accept the uncertainty of the outcome.

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  • Thanks Rob for your response. We are not looking into DQ but fisetin. I have sent him and his wife a dozen articles on the subject and told them they could ask their dr about it but they would probably not know anything or would discourage it. He's afraid he might get the flu like symptoms that some people get because he said right now he couldn't handle anything more. 

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