sirolumus fungus prevention

Using 4mg sirolimus (Rapamycin) every 8 days, I got a serious fungus skin infection on my chest two days into a dose cycle. I trace it back to a shower habit where after I shower and dry off, I hang my towel to dry out for a later shower and in hindsight I remember it had a moldy smell. Now I always use fresh towels. Also, If you use sirolimus be aware that its label warning says that direct sun exposure can cause skin cancer.  Also that any sun block over spf 50 can cause skin cancer. I chose to to buy a cheap thin windbreaker to wear in houston sun as well as a baseball cap. That works for me. Hope this helps other self experimenters. I also take metformin about 1500 mg/d and 10 mg/d lovastatin as per Dr. Alan S. Green's protocol. 

In self experimenting I observed my skipped heart beats were about 1.5 to 3 skips per minute before sirolimus. Now after half a year, today I measured one possible skipped heartbeat over 128 minutes. A great improvement. In lab studies mice and dogs had major improvements in cardiac ejection fraction and general heart performance. So me, a as one data point  person, matches the animal studies. I am 71 yo and I also attribute my left knee arthritis improvement to sirolimus.  

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  • Thanks so much for the skin cancer warning; I'm out in the sun every day (getting lots of vitamin D, and wasn't aware of the skin cancer link with Rapamycin...think I'll cut back on my exposure a bit now.

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