Metformin v. B12

I have heard that Metformin kills vit. B12 or

at least diminishes it in our bodies.   Is this true ?

If it is true, then what can we do about it ?  Get

extra heavy injections of B 12 ?  Birgit.

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  • Since starting metformin I take daily doses of b12 pills, and have no observed hair loss or other symptoms.

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  • It depends, how many mg are you taking?

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  • Vitamin B12 absorption is reduced when taking metformin.  You could take B12 supplements if you are concerned.   You could also have your B12 levels tested every year to make sure you have enough.  This is what doctors are advised to do with their patient.  I wouldn't wait for neuropathy to do develop though.  As a long time vegan, I have been taking sublingual B12 daily for 24 years.

    According to
    "In 2018, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of Endocrinology endorsed a comprehensive management algorithm for T2DM that calls for assessing the status of vitamin B12 levels in patients taking metformin and instituting supplementation if neuropathy develops."

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  • Hello. Is anyone purchasing their B12 injections online? If so, where? Thank you.

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  • I take sublingual B12, also when I see Groupon specials on B12 injections I buy it.. I have the full gene expression mutated so my blood lab B12 levels results come up way high which is good in the sense that my cells are actually absorbing what they needed, my nutrient tests show nice absorbed cells levels only when those blood lab results are high, I hope you understood my humble explanation..

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      Deb63 Thanks for sharing

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