New sources of dasatinib

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Hello everyone, 

We’ve received reports from Age Reversal Network members about lower-cost sources of dasatinib. This post is intended to aggregate this information into a single forum post for easy reference and sharing.

The two sources we’re excited about are:

1.    MedLab: A pharmacy that will compound dasatinib and quercetin specifically for your body weight. They can sell 2 customized doses (a one-year supply for most people) for $225. However, this requires a prescription, and the pharmacy can only ship to Florida addresses. You can contact the pharmacy at 954-400-0560 or email the pharmacist at rxemailbox(at)gmail(dot)com. We emailed subscribers about MedLab on May 5th, 2019.

2.    International Antiaging Systems (IAS): An international supplier. By July 31st of this year, IAS plans to offer 12 x 40 mg tablets of dasatinib for only $99. This will be available at their website, (password = research). Also note that all orders on this site have 15% of the purchase price donated to the Human Age Reversal Project. IAS posted this information just a few days ago on the forum here.

We cannot vouch for any of these various options, but some of our members have independently evaluated (chemically assayed) them for their personal use, and then work with their physician to ensure proper prescribing.

Finally, note the PowerPoint slide below, which summarizes dasatinib and quercetin dosing we are currently experimenting with.

**Note this is a duplicate of this post. If you want to reply to this message, please reply to the one here.  

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