Ordering Rapamycin online from India

It was suggested for me to order rapamycin from India. I am from Canada and think there is a slim chance of getting it from a doctor here and probably expensive. 

I went onto India Mart and there is a large amount of vendors but there does not seem to be a way of distinguishing between good and bad because there are no reviews. 

There are my search results:



Does anyone have a particular seller they buy from on India mart? suggestion on how to filter sellers?


Thank you

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    • Jay Orman
    • Jay_Orman
    • 2 mths ago
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    Search for "Rapamycin 1mg."  If the company is listed on India Mart and has a high rating from a lot of customers you will probably be satisfied.  Common brands that are produced by large pharma companies are Biocon Rapacan-1 and Zydus Siromus.  The prices you see may vary significantly.  The method of shipping, length of shipping time and payment methods are important factors.  Once payment has been made it may take a month or more for a shipment to arrive.  Don't be impatient.  The shipment will pass through Customs in India and in your home country.  If you are working with a Doctor this may be a cheaper way to purchase Rapamycin.  If you have an India Mart account and post what you want you will receive many responses within a day or two that will provide prices and payment methods.  If you do this you may want to create a dummy email account specifically for this because you will likely be bombarded with emails.   And, you may want to deal with a company you like specifically through email once you've made a choice so that details of your transaction are more private.  If you want lots of detail about other people's experiences search through Rapamycin.News.  

  • Thanks for the Information Jay, 

    I'm not sure where to find the rating on the companies, I've clicked on atleast 10 and they link to the website. The site is uber confusing. 



      • Jay Orman
      • Jay_Orman
      • 1 mth ago
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      Nickolas After you login to your account click on your name at the top, just to the left of "Help."  Under your name, click on "Post Your Requirement."  When posting, all you have to post is the product and your requirement details.  You don't have to post a telephone number or a website.  Anything you don't want to post should be left blank.  A day or two after this, login again and look at "Messages."  If you have none, post your requirement again and look under "My Orders" to make sure it is posted.  When you eventually receive messages under the "Messages" category click on one of them to show the message the company sent you.  At the top center of this message you should see a yellow star indicating a rating.  Move the mouse over the star to see details of the rating.  Click on the name of the company above this star rating if you want to see company details.  

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