We need to spread the words ! END SUFFERING ! END AGING !

Except for a few  we are living  in a semi conscious  society. Most of us still believes that suffering ( aging ) is a blessing we need accept.

Our job is to educate people !  Even  tough cookies like religious people and flat earth believers  need to listen !

Do your best to teach the naive !  Explain that they  and their  loved once DO NOT necessarily have to suffer ! Explain what loved ones mean ! Their children for example !

Convince them that their tax many will serve good when spent on fighting our worst enemy --AGING-- rather than wasted on  fighting one an other /space force/ !



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    • Randy B
    • Randall_Bagrowski
    • 3 yrs ago
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    You are fighting a losing battle! People are stupid and lazy. They get their health news from the TV or some moron with a blog or worse yet, from their doctor (who gets advice from his drug dealer.. er.. pharmaceutical rep).

    Case in point.. Back in the 80's I told people that trans fats were bad.. but I was an idiot in their eyes. I told people (in the 90's) the plasticizers in bottles and the non-stick coatings on their frying pans were bad.. but I was an idiot.. I told people eggs were not bad for them... idiot me again. I told people iron was bad and they should donate blood... idiot me..  when I was doing Calorie Restriction and then Every Other Day Fasting I was told by several doctors that was unhealthy....all the aforementioned things people now believe but only because they saw the local weatherman on TV say it was so.


    You are absolutely NOT going to change the lazy-ass people of this country.

    Laci, You sound like you have just embarked upon a healthy-longevity lifestyle and are full of  enthusiasm. Go out and preach to everyone you know but don't be too saddened when they are non-responsive to anything you say.

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  • Just, for a start, preach to obese people and plea with them to lose weight. Good luck if you think your preaching will convince them to lose weight.

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    • Laci
    • loveyouall
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I dont think its a loosing battle :) You have to master how you talk to people. . George Carlin is a great example. He told people their is no God , they are stupid , fat and ignorant......and they loved him !!!

    Its how we address the topic what matters . Start with something easy. ( easy for them ) 

    Religion is a great example !  0 proof of God ! Billions of followers !

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