Niacin to raise nad?

Vitamin b3,niacin fast release, is often used for lipid control.  Does anyone know if it can raise nad if taken at high doses? Also if you were to substitute niagen for b3,  what effect would it have on lipids? 

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  • It seems to me that the product nad+ is based on niacin  and d robose ..allthough it may be the b3 form called niacinamide  .. but niacinamide and nician are not exactly the same but I would have to look more into that ..however ,i do know that niacin ,d robose and magnesium are a few ingredients to nad and mitochondrial health ..niacin has some amazing effects ,however it allso consumes methylation..and can be used to lower toxins by breaking open fat cells and slowing fat and toxins  into the blood  .

    • I noticed a energetic uptake with the niacin...

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