Rapamycin and Blood Pressure Pills

Is anyone here taking Rapamycin  along with high blood-pressure pills (Ace Inhibitors and amLODIPine)? I’m curious, as I’ve been doing a lot of research and the combo doesn’t seem all that positive. Any info regarding your own personal experience (or any info at all) would help. If contraindicated, it would be hard to know which one to give up. It’s for the benefit of my beloved border collie. He’s doing fantastic on Rapamycin (only on it three weeks, and I see a big difference in energy levels at his age); he was unfortunately diagnosed with hypertension just before he started the Rapamycin. I read that Sirolimus can cause hypertension but am not sure at what dose. I’m not on any of the medications myself, so I wouldn’t know if he feels symptoms. I’m sure this answer would help other people as well. Thanks so much.

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  • I have been using Rapa for over a year and half. I also take lisiniprol (ace 2) and amlipodine. I have had 0 issues. Bp actually improved with Rapa. Systolic went down 5-10 and diastolic down 10.

    both my dogs are on Rapa with amazing results 

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    • Benjamin Schoolman I, too, have been giving my border collie Rapamycin with an Ace Inhibitor and amLODIPine. His blood pressure has remained exactly the same after 3 months on all three medications (still a little high, but stable). Most importantly, he just had an early kidney disease diagnosis, but after being on Rapamycin, all his kidney counts have returned to normal (to be fair, he was also on a renal diet)! He’s old and used to sleep all day, but now he’s back to his very spunky self after the Rapamycin! It exceeded my expectations!! The only abnormal test result he presently has is that his serum lipid has increased considerably (613), which is disappointing to me as it was normal before, and I read that rapamycin can sometimes elevate lipid levels. However, I was also feeding him tripe at the time, which is very high in cholesterol (but low in phosphorus for the kidneys). I’m hoping his lipid levels go back down soon, because as soon as they do, he’s going right back on the rapamycin. I can tell he is so much happier and feels so very good on it! I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience with the lipid or cholesterol increase on this wonderful medication called rapamycine! 

    • Paula Marie I just realized I answered my own post, lol! It was so long ago and I didn’t bother to look at the name. Feeling kind of silly about that! But anyway, that has been my story since then, a happy experience for my good ol’ boy!

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