Metformin Rapamycin D+Q

I have taken metformin and rapamycin for three years.

    1,000 mg of metformin / day

     2 mg of rapa / week with graprfluit juice

Neither no side effect nor noticiable improvement in physical condition.

I am 56 year old male, and had OA around my knees. So, I decided to take D+Q last October.   

   70 mg of dasatinib + 1,000 mg of quercertin two days / month


I have no more pain while going down the stairs. By the way, it seems like my OA had worsened since started taking met and rapa.

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  • I think typically we don't experience improvements as a day-to-day matter, especially unless we are otherwise living an optimal life with diet and exercise, which certainly have more daily effects. Further past history of how we treated ourselves has a great effect. To see many of these effects you need testing. 

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