Exploration of effects of exosome therapy

Dear Age Reversal Network members,

Bill Faloon and I, in collaboration with the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CRM – https://www.neuroregenesis.com/) and Quantum Cellular Medicine (QCM), have put together a small data-gathering effort, which is a prelude to a possible larger clinical trial.

This pilot clinical assessment will involve two treatments of Amnio Matrix. Amnio Matrix is a therapeutic created from amniotic fluid which includes hyaluric acid, growth factors and ECV's with an unusually high density of exosomes. The treatments will be administered at a clinic in Boca – https://www.brazeliamedspa.com/), and a series of tests will be taken measuring biological age, as well as kidney function – before and after treatment.

Bill is funding part of this, as is QCM, reducing the patient cost by 75%. The cost for participants will be only $1950 in total. This is a 75% reduction from the normal $8,200 cost for the two treatments and tests. This is a great opportunity for the five people chosen to participate. In fact, I will be doing this myself (but, since I don't fit the inclusion criteria, it will be part of a separate "trial registry" effort – see below).

For details about this five-person pilot effort, go to ARN's start page and view the third of Bill's slide shows (which is just 12 slides):


Bill Faloon's Presentation Slides
RAADfest 2021
Extracellular Vesicles
Sunday, Oct. 3rd, 2021

Summary of the key points for the five-person assessment:
- Must be (reasonably) healthy, age 65 to 85.
- Three visits to Boca Raton, Florida, will be required (Days 0, 30, and 60 [*]). 
- Two visits to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will be required for the blood draws (approximately Day 0 and Day 60). 2021-12-18 Update: We now can confirm that the blood draws can be done at any LabCorp facility. So there is no need to travel to Fort Lauderdale.

Trial Registry Available
For people who don't qualify for this limited pilot clinical assessment effort, a "trial registry" has been set up to gather more data.  There will be a substantial saving as well for the trial registry participants. There are two trial registry programs available, a 90-day regeneration program or a 360-day regeneration program. 

There are a limited number of spots for the trial registry. Please sign up for an appointment to discuss details at: https://calendly.com/qcm.

You can also send an email to David Konn at: DCK@QCMedicine.com.


[*] One change in the protocol since Bill gave his talk: The post-treatment assessment will be at Day 60, not Day 45.

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