Questions for Dr. Alan Green

Because there are many persons who are patients of Dr. Alan Green on this forum, please ask him the following questions the next time you see him:

1.  Why did you increase your dose of rapamycin from 6 mgs to 12 mgs?

2. Please tell us your Hematocrit and Hemoglobin from a recent Complete Blood Count (if possible, February, 2020.)

3. If you have taken a "sirolimus level" blood test, please tell us the result.   (how many mgs., rapamycin did you drink, and how many hours after you drank it did they draw blood for the test?)

4. If you have never taken a "sirolimus level" blood test, please take one exactly 2 hours after you drink 12 mgs rapamycin, and again 7 days later, and tell us the result.

5. Please tell us your white blood cell count, from a recent Complete Blood Count.

How does it compare to your last white blood cell count, shown on your website

6. Have you attempted to raise your Hematocrit and Hemoglobin with Erithropoyetin?  If not, why not?

7. What is your total testosterone, free testosterone level in a recent blood test?

8. Have you ever injected or drank testosterone (eg, testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, testosterone undecanoate, etc.?)

9.  How many cases of cancer, or heart attack, or diabetes caused by growth hormone, or acromegalia, do you know about in persons that take Human Growth Hormone?  

10. What is your IGF-1 level?

11. Do you feel better, now that you have recently lost 10 pounds ?

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    Maybe you could go see Dr Green as a patient yourself?

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  • I'm worried for Dr. Alan Green.   What we know is that he raised his dose of rapamycin from 6 mgs. to 12 mgs. per week.   To me, this is the act of a man who is drowning due to his worsening anemia, and who is desperately trying to catch a breath of air.  

    Anemia does not get better, spontaneously.   It gets worse.   So, unless he has taken EPO, or maybe testosterone, I'm sure his anemia has gotten worse since March, 2017.  That apparent improvement in August 2017, I'm sure was lab error.

    And he has lost 10 pounds, when he was already very thin... so it was not 10 pounds of fat, it was mostly muscle.  Not good.  He says that it was easy to lose weight with rapamycin, but I think he knows it is a sign that he is in trouble.  You are not happy to lose 10 pounds when you are already very thin.

    I cannot easily visit Dr. Alan Green because I am in Mexico.    

    But if I did visit him, I would ask him these questions.   I think everybody on this board would like to know the answers to these questions.

    • Ellis Toussier Testosterone won't help anemia. It just increased red blood cells, without affecting iron numbers. So ferritin, serum iron, saturation %, or TIBC won't improve. I am pretty sure EPO acts similarly with that respect, but way more red blood cells.

      I don't see why he won't get an IV iron infusion if he is anemic?

      • Karl
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      Luc Vareilles I think you need to review your hematology. Anemia is by definition, how many RBC’s you have.

    • Luc Vareilles  

      The FIRST THING Dr. Alan Green needs is MORE RED BLOOD CELLS.     In March, 2017, his red blood cells were 36%.   In February, 2020, I will guess that his red blood cells are LESS than in March, 2017.   If he would RAISE his red blood cells to 45%, perhaps he would need more iron, but we would test for iron at that point and that is easy enough to fix.   He needs at least 100,000 units of erithropoyetin (EPO).  (I would be happy to show him the details of how to administer it.) 

      And no, EPO will not "thicken his blood so dangerously that he might cause a heart attack" because at 36% or less it is much TOO THIN as it is.

      MOST DOCTORS treat "anemia" with IRON.   This is incorrect.   Iron carries oxygen, but RED BLOOD CELLS are the truck that carries hemoglobin which is what carries iron, which carries oxygen.   Do you see?   The basic component necessary is the truck, ie, red blood cells.   HE NEEDS MORE RED BLOOD CELLS. 

      But he seems to agree with the doctor who told me that it is "okay for Alan Green to be anemic, since he is 76 years old and it is very frequent that OLD MEN are anemic."   And he also explained that his anemia is probably due to low testosterone levels in Old Men. 

      I don't give a hoot if anemia is COMMON in ALL Old Men, and I don't give a hoot WHAT IS THE REASON WHY HE IS ANEMIC.   If your head  is under water, and you tell me that it is FREQUENT for a person to have his head under water if he is weighted down with 30 pounds of lead, and on top of that it is natural that his head is under water because his testosterone is low so he doesn't have the strength to swim harder and put it above water, I will tell you that YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM: 

      The problem is that HIS HEAD IS UNDER WATER AND HE IS DROWNING !!!

      So, right now I DON'T CARE if he could get an intra venous iron infusion.   His biggest need right now is HE NEEDS MORE RED BLOOD CELLS.   He can get them with EPO.

      After he gets more red blood cells, he can test for ferritin, and that is easy enough to fix, if he needs it.

      See my page:

      and also see my page:

      - Ellis

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    • Ellis Toussier I agree with this. One of the biggest barriers to fighting aging is the excuses people make for age related illnesses.  I think we are only beginning to come out of this mindset with dementia. But is Dr. Alan Green getting better since this was posted? It is not a good sign to lose weight when you were at a healthy weight. It could be something else going on. My grandfather had this happen when he was dying from cancer. I hope Dr. Green is okay.

  • I stand corrected. Thanks for teaching me something new.

    • jazzman
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    Quick question everyone, I am now considering contacting Dr Green for Rapamycin, but I remain curious to the fact that Bill Falloon still hasn't taken it, this gives me pause. Any thoughts, my research indicates that it is safe.  

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