Rapamycin cost

Well-studied results show a huge increase in lifespan across the board among mammals with rapamycin (sirolimus CAS 53123-88-9) dosing. Why is not everyone taking it? The effect of this almost miraculous substance has been common knowledge and hiding in plain sight for quite some time.

A minimum order of rapamycin (10-20 years worth) costs $130, from Zhejiang Multinpharma in China, a supplier who helps get around the burdensome US medical/pharmacy/insurance system. I will be glad to provide contact information for this source. They are very reliable, with delivery times of 2-3 weeks. A certificate of analysis is available.

Self-dosing is typically 1/2 a gram per year of once weekly 5 mG-10 mG doses. Ten grams is enough to supply twenty people for one year,  or ten people for two years. What is the value of extra years of life if one is on the far side of the slope, or is simply just alive?

I decided to spotlight this information with anyone about whom I give a shit, although it's too late for both my parents, if not for me also. I'm a mere baby at 74 years. Here are links that everyone here has presumably already read, to get your toes wet, if you haven't:





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