Exercise Mimetics

[Not medical advice or a recommendation. Sharing for information only.]

Exercise being something of an anti-aging aid, the idea of exercise mimetics comes up. 

Today I saw an article in New Scientist on the topic (paywall) https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg25033310-900-exercise-pills-should-we-use-drugs-that-mimic-benefits-of-a-workout/

I was unaware exercise mimetics already existed but they mention two substances; GW1516 and Irisin in the article.

Now if you're based in the USA these substances are strictly not allowed but a google search found a UK based vendor for GW1516 (cardarine) selling the compound for research purposes. Not sure where they ship to but I have solid access to the UK once covid abates.


There is very legitimate concern around cancer risk for chronic intake of this substance. It's triggering a complex pathway to mimic exercise benefits. However for the occasional hit and run treatment perhaps a month in every six I might look into it for myself. Certainly not expensive and would be interested to see what it did to my exercising for research purposes. 

Obviously a body builder favorite so might look at some of their forums for commentary.

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      Brin Chikovski I saw that article, but there are more recent ones where more research was done in 2018. That's why New Scientist mentioned it. There's many ways to boost irisin naturally, web awash with advice. Research continues like https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867418313345/

      Another interesting snippet; "Meanwhile, Ali Tavassoli at the University of Southampton, UK, has found a small molecule known as compound 14, which indirectly activates a metabolic sensor called AMPK....“The results floored us,” says Tavassoli. After just seven daily doses of the drug, the mice lost weight and their diabetes symptoms disappeared. By comparison, people whose diabetes is treated with metformin, which works through a similar pathway to compound 14, tend to gain weight.....patterns of gene expression in the animals’ fat cells no longer reflect obesity, but resemble those of normal-weight mice"

    • Jack Black Good to hear research continues on Irisin.  It looks like that company with GW1516 ships to the USA - if anyone tries it, please post results:


  • I've been thinking about this topic and think exercise mimetics like GW1516 are probably a bad idea unless you absolutely can't do real exercise. The stuff sounds like anti-rapamycin in a way. Chronic use certainly a no no for cancer risk, but even occasional might be bad if it's upregulating mTOR. (and really who knows what it's doing?)

  • I have been using Reverol (SR9009) for 2 years. First tried it to counteract age-related weight gain despite all standard efforts. The result was very decent. I got a weight loss of 10 kg and a significant increase in health.
    You can google about the positive effect of rev erb  agonists on sirt ampk.

    And a few photos and videos of my condition at 60 on my blog. http://biohacker.website/личный-опыт-биохакинга/

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