Paul's Anti-Aging Efforts

Preparing for a LONG FUTURE, here are the prescriptions and supplements I take to STOP or REVERSE AGING, with the blessings of my doctors. After each one are the number of Web sites mentioning them, according to Google:

Two are Prescriptions:
Metformin            2,280,000
Acarbose               185,000

The others are:
Rifampicin           212,000
Rapalogs            17,800
Ginger                37,100,000
Ginseng                13,600,000
Metaphenol 27                 250
Ashwagandha         2,180,000
Pycnogenol                490,000
Nicotinamide Riboside     227,000
Niagen (same as Nicotinamide Riboside)                 68,300
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine    13,100,000
Max-Q10 Ulta PQQ     1,910,000
Bacopa Minnieri       405,000
AMPK Activator           613,000
Gotu Kola           480,000
Ageless Cell from Life Extension             8,980
Longevity A.I. from Life Extension             4,040
"CR Mimetic Longevity Formula" from Life Extension     86,300
TA65 Telomerase Activation  3,400
Telomere Advantage            595
Elysium Basis Metabolic Repair                  204,000
Ginkgo Biloba         5,920,000
Optimized Resveratrol    8,350,000
Fisetin                    70,300
Glutathione            14,400,000
Myco Ultra            37,700
Fo Ti (Chinese Herb)      187,000
Pterostilbene          233,000
Bergamot Oil            2,380,000

Since I am following the very latest "reverse aging" research, I'm almost certain to live to at least 100, or maybe even 1,000 years.



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  • Impressive! Rifampicin is a potent antibiotics used in tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis bacterial infections (NTM). It should be in the "prescription" list right? Aren't you or your doctor concerned by possible resistance development? NTM is ubiquitous in the environment and infections are on the rise in many regions and I would be very cautious.

  • Hi Paul, thanks for sharing. May I ask what is your current dose of both Metformin and Acarbose?

  • The Acarbose I take comes in 25 mg tablets, to be taken 3 times daily with food.

    The Metformin I take comes in 500 mg tablets, with instruction to take TWO tablets every morning.

  • TY Paul !

  • Looks like a good lineup. A few others you should consider


    • Testosterone cream - you may have but if not check your hormones. LE has lots of good information on target ranges. 
    • alpha-lipoic-acid - this is an important companion to the n-ALC you are taking. Search for "Dr Bruce Ames" on youtube for lectures on this. These two supplements in tandem address aging mitochondrial function. 
    • 3+ day water fasts - if you can do them this is a more sure-fire way to address senescent cells, glucose management and a host of other issues. Bill F recently reiterated this. 
    • Full genome - if you haven't already doing a full genome and deeply studying it is important. 
    • Lifestyle (Diet & Exercise) - lots of ideas here, but fads aside the science is clear that a whole foods vegan diet is optimal. Exercise is less clear, but addressing strength, cardiovascular and balance is probably important. For me that means a program of exercising every day, cardio (bike + running) 3 days/week, with Pilates the other days. 
    • Mental - many approaches to this. Doing Muse meditations, plus wearing a Spire stone (e.g. the technological approach) works for me. Plus being a classical pianist. 
    Paul Mason said:
    Since I am following the very latest "reverse aging" research, I'm almost certain to live to at least 100, or maybe even 1,000 years.

     Living to 100 is increasing health span, not life span (though the two interrelate), but should be manageable by most people. It takes a lot of through work however, diet, exercise, mental state, fasting, supplementation and daily biomarker testing + periodic testing to ensure staying on track. Phew ... it's a part time job practically, as we all know! I would emphasize the non-pill modalities here, I think on this group we tend to see longevity a bit too much through the lens of supplementation and pharmaceuticals. Powerful as those are, there are others even more so. 

    Anyhow thanks for sharing your program, always good to compare notes. 

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  • Thanks Dan!

    I will study your suggestions.


  • no sirolimus?

  • But Paul, you forgot to put your decades long telemere lengthen daily practice on your list, TM. Dr Snyder’s research has proven this to be true.


  • According to Author Wesley Bateman, in his book ““Through Alien Eyes” Anti- deuterium water is the cause for rapid aging on Earth. John Ellis’s water is the only water that doesn’t contain this element. Water Available at

    and John Ellis Water . Com

  • Hi Paul,

    Great stuff!  I have been doing a lot of researching and experimenting myself.  I'm on the young side for this, 48, but I want to preserve myself.  One of the most perplexing dilemmas is the interaction of different supplements.  It looks like you are just taking everything at once - which is of course the easiest.  However, many people, especially on Longecity, recommend cycling supplements for different effects - either because of potentially positive or negative interactions.  For example some supplements induce cell fission and others fusion, etc.  It can get overwhelmingly complicated.  You should see my supplement shelves - I'm sure you'd relate.  Anyway - the purpose of my message is to find out how this is working after a year? Are you seeing benefits? Have you changed anything? Negative affects?  I hope you will chime in and give us an update now and regularly into the future.  I am sure we can all benefit from your experience. Thanks again for posting this and doing your own self-experiment trials!

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  • I heard a physician talking on reverse aging and he explain the cause of aging very well. After that he told how reverse aging therapy actually work and how it is effective.

    Shai Efrati

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  • Paul, how do you assess the new GEROPROTECT Stem Cel from Life Extension?

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