Vitamin patches from WebMD

After my experience using Rx NAD electrophoresis patches I am interested in what else can be done here and came across the WebMD Omega-3 patch. It has a nice cocktail of anti aging supplements including phosphatidylcholine. I know Ray Kurzweil does PC IV's in addition to oral supplementation, and if a patch worked it would be a cheap and easy way to also do so. 

However, these are just patches, not electrophoresis based. Further experts (at least ones I've read) doubt the efficacy, as our skin is an effective water based repeller. These are all water based supplements I believe, so the theory is there is no reason they should magically get drawn into the skin. 


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  • Sale on today; 35% off. Ordered 2. If works will save taking many pills.

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  • Thank you, Dan for posting about this. As nealfg wrote, "will save taking many pills".

    I just ordered two packs:  D3/K2 and Vitamin C.  They also have more exotic "flavors" of interest to age-reversal.

    Can be worn at night while sleeping and can wear more than one patch at a time.  That's convenient.

    I have no idea if these patches really do offer better absorption and sustained release, so I sent an email inquiry to vitamin "guru" Bill Sardi.  Will be interesting to get his opinion.

  • Patches are off to a very fast start.  About one hour ago I placed my first order on their web site.  53 minutes later, I got an email that the order had just shipped!  If the patches are as impressive as the service, they will be superb.

    Note: The source for these patches is, not "WebMD" as mentioned in the title and opening post.  Very similar names so easy to make that slip, but they are not the same.

  • Vitamin "Guru" Bill Sardi just replied to my email asking about patches:

    "You need stomach acid to properly absorb nutrients;
    they are meant to be absorbed in the digestive tract"

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