Someone please explain

Hello to you all !

I just received an e mail from Bill explaining he had to refund 1 million because he could not reach the minimum of 10 million. Only 10 million dollars !!! Peanuts !!!!!  We know people who spent more on a stupid wrist watch or some idiotic statue.

Tens of thousands of billionaires , business mans,actors,actresses, musicians etc. who are filthy rich and this man could not collect peanuts for his research. Was I born to a world full of brainless ignorant  people or I completely missed out on something ? Please explain .

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  • Laci, are you yourself perchance an effective fundraiser? I take it that you are not, otherwise you would have volunteered, I'm sure. I am certain that this is a difficult and complicated subject you raise, and I too would be very interested in any serious analytic and strategic discourse. The question is, are things simply more complicated, or is whatever effort entirely fucked up? As a rule, it's both.

    PS. I know nothing about Bill, who ever that is, or what he's up to. So perhaps, Laci, you might begin by providing some background for the uninitiated. Thanks.

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  • money is a divider and is used against us to have limits and to attach the ego to it on who we are.. the only way research will quantum leap past the over inflated 10 million is through volunteerism and promoting the talented to work on their essences towards age reversal to begin with UNLIMITED possibilities  

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  • From my perspective, research is both costly and timely. $10 million is still nothing to sneeze at...and with that said, it seems to me that studies are treated more like “investments” when you look at what the study is about, who is funding it (and where) and then what the outcome of the study is. Most studies I’ve looked into were funded by people or companies that the end result seemed to benefit. It calls into question the integrity of these studies, especially when there are counter studies with polarizing results. It’s an unfortunate reality we live in, but it’s almost like there has to be something in it for the donor as well and if there isn’t then why should they be the ones to donate? 

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