Which Rapamycin brand to buy versus which to avoid?

Currently looking at buying rapamycin online, likely via India, for delivery in Europe, and I see there are a number of brands, including:

  • Biocon - who sell it as "Rapacan"
  • Zydus Cadila (I also see "Zydus Biogen: mentioned) - who sell it as "Siromus"
  • Rocas - who just say "Sirolimus tablets" on the box
  • Panacea Biotec - who sell it as "Siropan"
  • Actiza - who just say "Sirolimus tablets" on the box
  • Pfizer - Rapamune (unsure if genuine via India)

If anyone has experience, good or bad with these (or others), I'd appreciate it!


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  • Just thought I'd give an update on where I got to with the purchase. I created a shortlist of sellers on IndiaMart and reached out to them regarding:

    • Which brands they offer
    • Prices per mg, including shipping
    • Estimated delivery date

    Two offered to do a video call and show the stock they had along with the expiration date, which is a nice touch.

    Ended up ordering these 2 brands:

    • Zydus Cadila - Siromus
    • Biocon - Rapacan

    I wasn't super impressed that the Biocon packaging looks different colors (its not just the lighting in the picture), like their printer was short on ink or something. Have started by using the Zydus product first, given that I can. Might be a non-issue though! Who knows.

    I'm attaching images of the product in case anyone is curious.

    Main concerns would be:

    • Do the products actually contain any rapamycin? (am planning to do a test to check rapamycin levels at a later date, which should help clarify on that question)
    • Are the doses measured correctly? (milligrams are pretty tiny). No way to be sure on this.
    • Are there any contaminants (heavy metals, etc)? Currently I'm just crossing my fingers that if there are, it's a small enough amount to be a non issue. May do some testing at a later date.
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    • rapa_experimenter 

      Hi, do you mind sharing who you purchased these from along with their contact info? 

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    • Jay Donovan Hi Jay. I bought these via IndiaMart sellers.

      The sellers have my contact details, so I'd rather not get too specific about where I got them from (personal privacy).

      Ultimately I think what's more important is the brand you go for. There are a lot of seller options on IndiaMart, so it's just a case of weeding through them for communication skills and (apparent) competency. If I did it again I'd:

      • Check which brands they hold
      • Ask to see pics of their stock and what the expiration dates are
      • Make sure their communication is good, and that they're confident with shipping to my particular country
      • Get quotes and compare prices
      • Potentially order from 2 different sellers simultaneously - if I'm in a rush. That way if one has issues, there's a plan B.
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  • I get mine from a compounding pharmacy in the US.


    Amazon pharmacy also has very good prices.


    But a prescription is needed

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    • GEdwards
    • GEdwards
    • 2 yrs ago
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    No to Biocon!  I titrate based on Rapamune via Pfizer and find Biocon to be ~15% the claimed dose!

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    • GEdwards Yes, I plan to avoid using the Biocon. Thanks for the comparison on it with Pfizer.

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  • rapa_experimenter

    Did you do the test to check rapamycin levels?

    What is your experience with Zydus until now?

    Could you please share the information?

    Thank you in advance

    • Albert R. J. Hi. No, I didn't personally test my Zydus branded tablets.

      However, I did spot that there was a Valisure test done on Zydus brand dated May 2020, which you can read here:

      Look for the PDF report at the bottom of that first post, which you can download and read. The results were favourable in terms of it containing the amount of rapamycin it purported to, and in terms of not having contaminants.

      Regarding my experience with Zydus until now - I can confirm that it gives me aphthous ulcers that people talk about. I otherwise basically never get mouth ulcers, so it's certainly doing something.

      I haven't carried out any further tests - so can't give any more info than that.

    • rapa_experimenter What country in Europe did you order from and get the medicines into?  I've heard that the UK gets medicines from India without a problem, but some other Europeans have complained that its harder (for example, in Germany).  Did you have any issues with customs?  How large was your order (in the US - if the medicine is not a "get high" type of drug, and in reasonable quantities for personal use, they usually get in.  I'm curious what the experiences are in different EU countries...

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    • James F
    • James_Fernow
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I've been looking into which brand of rapamycin to purchase.  I downloaded the manufacturer's brochure for Zydus Siromus.  The writeup says “Each sirolimus tablet intended for oral administration contains 0.5 mg of sirolimus. In addition, each tablet contains the following inactive ingredients:  citric acid monohydrate, crospovidone, FD&C yellow #5 aluminum lake, glycerol monostearate, iron oxide yellow, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, poloxamer, polyethylene glycol, povidone, sucrose, talc, titanium dioxide and vitamin E acetate."  Many of these ingredients are fine or beneficial, but I'd like to avoid a few of them like FD&C yellow aluminum lake.  Does anyone know if Tailormade Compounding or any other manufacturer would compound a product without these ingredients?  I have a food scale and could measure a powder.  

  • A clinical study using Biocon's Rapamycin from India, that should be taken into account regarding its quality. BTW Biocon is too established in Spain, therefore subject to EU highly strict and restrictive regulatory  procedures regarding pharmacological compounds quality standards. And they sell sirolimus at their website, don't know whether produced here or imported. In that last case, imported from their India branch, it for sure must pass the same quality controls.

    • Engadin Zermatt Spanish Biocon is a pharmaceutical industry unrelated to Indian Biocon, not producing or importing sirolimus. My bad. Nevertheless, the afore mentioned study backs somehow the sirolimus quality standards used in it, given it should be expected to be peer reviewed anywhere. And therefore the same results should show up with, let say, Pfizer's sirolimus in any other laboratory abroad, given the original study looks like it was performed in India as the names of the scientists involved in it let us presume.

    • Engadin Zermatt One research study using a given vendor's brand of sirolimus does not mean anything about a brand's quality or contaminants, etc. You really need a lab analysis on the purity, contaminants, etc. from numerous batches over time, and compared it to the other brands of sirolimus to see how it compares. The only thing I've seen thats even close to this is the analysis that has been posted on Rapamycin News by Valisure.com - see link below. Do you know of any other comparative analysis, across multiple batches?

      See test results of Biocon vs. Zydus Sirolimus at bottom of this page:


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    • denial
    • denial
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Please Read Below Article, I get When suffering for reading rapamycin review.

    Which Rapamycin Brand to Buy versus Which to Avoid?

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