Where to buy rapamycin?

Hey everyone, 

I’m new to the group. Really cool to see everyone’s experience with Rapamycin.

I’m looking to get some myself. I’m actually more interested in it for my cat’s heart condition. There is currently a study being done at UC Davis for cats that have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and the use of a rapamycin to either slow it down or completely reverse it. 

I’ve applied for the study, but in the case we don’t get in I was hoping to get some myself. 

the study also outlined the amount they are giving the cat and the schedule. So based on that I’m going follow the same protocol for my cat. 

my vet is also super interested in it. He said it could be beneficial. 

unfortunately it’s not FDA approved for animals yet or he would have prescribed it for my cat. 

What are some good reliable sources to buy rapamycin? 


1mg tablets probably only a 2-3 month supply. I’ll be cutting them in quarters to give to my cat. I might even need a smaller supply maybe a months worth. 

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  • Hi Stefan, I am also going to treat my elderly cat with rapamycin. He is 4kg, so I plan on buying the 0.5mg tablets for him, maybe I can find it as a capsule instead. I have been giving him fisetin, since it's easy to buy, alternating with NAD (Life Extension brand). For rapamycin, I am researching Indiamart as a possible source, and domestically I will compare Amazon, Medly, and Tailor Made to see if any are affordable. Thankfully I have a prescription for it, but the big pharma prices, ie, walmart, costco, cvs, etc are through the roof. 

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      Violette Toulon Check the Amazon prices for generic on Amazon Pharmacy.  Amazon Prime members may get a very good discount. 

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    • Violette Toulon Perhaps of interest: https://www.rapamycin.news/t/rapamycin-for-dogs-part-2/85

    • Jay Orman Yes - Amazon prime prices for Sirolimus (generic) are very good.  This is the best US source I think, if you have a prescription.

    • @Jay Orman  Of all the US retailers I compared (including the Goodrx pricing) I found the lowest price for metformin and sirolimus to be via Amazon as a Prime member. Unfortunately, Medly was too expensive- they quoted me $801.87 for sirolimus 2mg/60 day supply. Amazon costs $494.90 for the same rx. I worry about the safety of these generics, even if they're from a US pharmacy, which is why my choice would have been Medly. The latest contamination scare was with hydrochlorothiazide. Before that it was with Metformin. Who knows what else is contaminated with cancer causing chemicals.  This is my first time ordering these pharmaceuticals, and after exhaustive research on these forums I finally decided to START the regimen with a prescription from a doctor, but my goal is to find a safe, reliable source in India. I want the freedom to make my own decisions concerning my regimen. 

    • Brin Chikovski Yes, Amazon prime offers best price. For the products from India, it seems that Siromus by Zydus Cadila is the safest source. 

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  • If anyone is looking for a list of rapamycin vendors (overseas) that have proven to be trustworthy with good service - after a few people had bad experiences people pulled together this list of companies that ship what they say they'll ship:  


  • Can you send me the protocol for rapamycin in cats with HCM? My cat wasn't accepted into the study. Her cardiologist said she is willing to give it if I can find the protocol with dosing. 

    Thank you

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