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We should have a 'WIKIpedia of aging intervention' where we can organize and pool our collective information. I would pour everything I've learned into it, admins?

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  • Interesting idea Dan.  And I appreciate your willingness to contribute. I have the impression that you know more than a few things about this topic, and have plenty to contribute. 

    I'm torn about it. On the one hand, I think it would be wonderful to have a well-referenced, well-organized wiki of all of the various promising interventions. 

    On the other hand, if we are not very careful about setting out the rules ahead of time and inviting only very specific people to enter data only according to those rules, we may end up with a poorly referenced, poorly organized mess of ideas, including everything from rigorous studies of CR in primates, to butter coffee from the Bulletproof diet and ketogenic recipes from Livin la Vida Low Carb

    Given these challenges, I'm highly reluctant to start and organize a wiki. But that could be an interesting project at some point. 

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  • Any developments on the wiki front? I continue to think of things (mostly lists of various resources) that would be ideal for a wiki.

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    • BrianMDelaney I've been working really hard on it and have achieved great things ... ok, honestly I haven't started yet. Max and I decided on a technical approach, and I've been so busy seeing physicians for this age reversal stuff I haven't had a moment! The irony ... but I'm having a nice quiet 3 day weekend here so will dig into it today.

      The health stuff I've been doing also will make a nice topic too. Full heart checkout - echocardiogram, multiple EKG's, a CACS and a halter. All great - just the barest trace (< .1%) of old calcification from the 'bad old days', no structural issues, etc. Last thing is a pill cam to Instagram my intestine and I should be done for now (famous last words). 

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