NAD+ then Rapamycin?

I have read on this forum that NAD+ and Rapamycin counteract eachother. But it seems NAD+ shows affects in 2 weeks while Rapa takes 10 weeks. 

My plan is to do a 2 week cycle of SubQ NAD+ then immediately start Rapa.

Any feedback? 

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  • I'm taking rapamycin (5mg/wk), niacin (1g/day), and dried parsley (1/2 cup/day).  Dried parsley contains a lot of apigenin.  Apigenin blocks CD38.  CD38 blocks NAD+.  Blocking NAD+'s blocker and adding niacin should raise NAD+ levels without NMN.  I'm taking this all at the same time.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  I started this last week.

    See Dr. Brad Stanfield's video on apigenin:

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    • Mark Rittman some how I missed this! Please do keep me updated.  Is the niacin you are taking the flush form?


      Why not sub q NAD+ 25-50mg/ day into the stomach fat? I have tried both the infusions and the pill form. Neither have helped me, but I have other underlying issues. Point being, the side effects from the infusion were far greater than the pill, making me question the pill. 

      I was able to purchase a years supply of NAD+ for injection far cheaper than two months of MNM or NR… what are your thoughts? 

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