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In May 2018 at age 76 I had umbilical cord stem cells injected. I had my doctor accompany me who was familiar with stem cells and who observed the laboratory, procedure, etc and verified the validity and number of the stem cells. The early results did show an increase in strength, increase of remembering dreams from almost none to a couple every night, and some increase in libido but no relief from ED, nor did the lengths of my golf drives increase. I was not familiar with the baseline panel at the time but had most of the blood test numbers covered by my previous blood tests. I did take the baseline panel in October. Testosterone decreased from 767 to 409 although I attribute that to less use of my testosterone cream. IGF-1 decreased from 181 in Nov 2017 to 142 in Oct 2018.

I had better IGF-1 results increasing from 170 to 248 from Jan to Mar 2016 as a result of Genotropin supplementation. I also drove the golf ball much longer. Testosterone decreased from 905 to 456 at the same time.

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  • Ron Robertson  Thanks for the update Ron. Have you done the other steps, such as Metformin, Rapamycin, NAD and dasatinab? Also about IGF-1 something I'm not clear on, what is the thinking here, we want to range is presumably, but is higher better within a range or lower? 

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  • I have taken Metformin for more than a decade. I have not tried the other steps but started taking the NAD Regenerator supplement last week. My thinking on IGF-1 of higher being better is probably incorrect.

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  • "for most adults, keeping IGF-1 below 175 ng/ml is likely important, and below 150 ng/ml should be even more protective. Serum IGF-1 levels below 80 ng/ml may be detrimental, especially after the age of 75.
    Restricting animal protein during most of one’s adult life to maintain a relatively low, but not excessively low IGF-1, is an important objective for those desiring superior health and life extension. Protein assimilation can decline in the elderly. The use of greens, seeds and beans in the Nutritarian diet, to assure protein adequacy with aging, prevents the excessive lowering of IGF-1 in the elderly, often seen with other plant-based diets."

    That said, I am a believer in high Igf-1 in the elderly based in part on a mouse study which showed igf-1 mutant mice had greater health and smarts than controls. That advantage turns around as they aged. However if the mice were given a cocktail of 36 supplements their advantage continued into old age with resulting life extension. What were the 36 supplements? It turns out they were all the standard things I already take.  John Barsell

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    • john 

      What are the 36 supplements?

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      • john
      • john
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      Leslie Newman 

  • Unfortunately, my copies of the studies were destroyed in the lava flow here in Hawaii last year. But as I recall they are nothing new.  If you are taking the Life Extension multi vitamin tabs you are getting most of them.  John

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