Retinal imaging

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A test to add to your regime; Retinal imaging. My optometrist does this for us, and since I have a strong prescription it's an excellent idea to monitor as retinal tears are a risk. Turns out it's an excellent test to monitor your overall health. Consider: the blood vessels in your eye are incredibly small, so any cardiovascular issues will be seen there first. Two it's a measure of how well your diet is working. The eyes of my family really stand out vividly, due to all the carotenoids we eat from our plant based diet. Studies have shown this effect, these antioxidants end up in the eye (and all over you're body) conferring protective benefits. My optometrist says our eyes are those of young people, compared to others are age she sees significant differences. 

It's cheap, $75 or something, highly recommended. Easy too, just press your eye up to a imager and takes a minute. 

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    My mother is plant based. Recently had a check up with the Optometrist in the UK and had a similar comment. Apparently, they said she has fantastic tears, which the Optometrist explained was likely down to her diet. How often do you think this test is worth doing?

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      J R I have a genetically long eyeball which theoretically is more prone to retinal tearing, so get it checked every year (and also have vision insurance and obviously eyeglasses). For most people once every few years is probably sufficient. 

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