How do I compound my own NAD+


I am soon to be 50 male, have chronic mental fatigue, but otherwise “healthy”: no currently diagnosed disease.

I am looking into buying NAD powder to use half of it sublingually, half of it as nasal spray, and the third half as IV. I never compounded anything before. 

Where can I find tutorials and instructions on how to compound NAD to create nasal sprays and/or IV infusion liquid ? What compounding liquid should I use ? What’s a good source to get it from ? Do I just mix the two the way people mix sugar in their coffee, or is there a more sophisticated process that I need to follow.

Any resources you post in this thread (YouTube videos, links to web pages or PDF files) will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Personally I would orally take nicotinamide riboside, if you wanted to make it into a nasal spray the easiest way would be to purchase a saline nasal spray from the pharmacy and add the required amount of nicotinamide riboside to it and keep it stored in the refrigerator shake well before each use. I would not make your own IV, you will need a compounding pharmacy to make this and everything will need to be kept sterile and filtered. If the powder is of low quality its  not really an issue with oral / nasal but if made into an IV it could kill you.

  • Do not compound IV. It's extremely difficult to keep it sterile, and you run the risk of very serious infections and death.

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