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Southern California
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I'm a 60+ year old retired "biohacker" in the Southern California areas with more than 30 years of professional experience in a health-related profession.
I am interested in staying healthy as long as possible. I am currently self-experimenting with senolytics (Dasatinib / Quercitin, Fisetin, etc.), mTOR inhibitors (Rapamycin), Fisetin, Withaferin A, etc.), AMPK activators (Berberine HCl, etc.), NAD+ precursors
(NR, NMN, Nuchido Time +, etc.) Hydrogen Sulfide precursors (NAC, Taurine), Fullerene C60 in Olive Oil, Glucosamine Sulfate, Intermittent Fasting / Dietary Restriction, Exercise / HIIT and a plethora of related experimental therapies.