Wiring money to overseas suppliers

I am trying to order some products from the AntiAging Clinic, which uses a bank located in Hong Kong. My bank uses Western Union for international transfers and they refused to put my wire through because it didn't meet some internal criteria of theirs. Has anyone found a reliable fund wiring service that can help me pay an invoice without involving my bank? All suggestions appreciated____

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  • XE.com I've used them for years, though they do withdraw the cash from your bank.

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      Thanx; they sound perfect

  • I had the same problem, once upon a time (2017).   I wanted to send about $500 dollars to China... It cost a fortune to send $500.  The bank would charge me on this end, and another bank would charge on the receiving end too.

    The supplier suggested I should pay in Bitcoin... Bitcoin ???   So... I researched what is Bitcoin, and how to buy some Bitcoin.

    This is not the proper forum to explain Bitcoin, but it is enough to say that I bought some Bitcoin, and I paid my supplier in China with Bitcoin, all for MUCH LESS than sending a wire through a bank.  

    So... I suggest you should ask your supplier if he accepts Bitcoin.  And if he does, your problem is solved.   I used "Kracken" to open my first account, it is easier than opening a bank account.

  • Eliis, I'm going to suggest another--possibly easier--solution: use TransferWise at transferwise.com

    They're cheap (around $8 for the transfer I did) quick and easy to use; responsive customer service as well

    Definitely visit their site and check them out 

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