Supplementation for vegetarians & vegans

For the V&V's out there I've collected supplementation to add to your regime. 

First is the observation from Bill of "why don't vegetarians live much longer?" V&V's do live longer than omni/carni-vores, but not as much as you'd expect given the benefits of the diet. A handful of years. His speculation is that perhaps there are some deficiencies.

The idea has a lot of merit. I live in a hotbed of V&V with many world experts in the area. Working with them you find a distain for anything not V&V. Supplementation in particular. The philosophy derives from the old Pritican naturalistic days, the community views it that plants are the only answer, and modern ills come from animal foods and pills. They're not strictly scientific, rather using science as long as it supports their cause. 

Not to paint it in a negative way, the core of my program is whole foods high nutrient vegan and has been for decades, and the science is clear on the benefit of this without any doubts, and we know now why animal foods are aging promoting. The athletic performance of v&v's over -vores is well documented and the benefit for preventing cardiovascular and other diseases. At any rate there are a handful of things you get from animal foods that are very much worth supplementing into a V&V diet, and a animal based diet too, especially with long term v&v's

  • B12, D3 & Iodine - goes without saying, for all diet types actually but esp. v&v's
  • EFA's - Fish oil is the best source, if you object then get some other veg source 
  • L-Carnosine - Top winner in the Kaufmann protocol, comes from animal foods and V&V's are deficient 
  • Creatine - Take on an empty stomach Another animal amino acid worth low supplementation of (1g)
  • Taurine - Take on empty stomach, another amino v&v's are low on. 
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  • David Hanson said:
    Brenda Anderson I think you are mistaken about Aetna “Supplement” plans.

     David Hanson -  

    Thank you for your post above, but you are the one who is mistaken.

    Brenda Anderson's post is NOT about vitamins or nutrition at all.  She knows nothing about these topics.  And her name is almost certainly NOT "Brenda Anderson".  She is a PAID poster, hired to post on various forums trying to get people to click and go to the web page for "The Health Exchange Agency".  They sell Aetna plans on the Internet.  Her post above is just a sly advertisement. 


    More and more PAID posters are appearing this forum.  The forum moderators are doing a poor job of keeping them out.  Unless the moderators clean up that problem, the forum won't last long as a source of reliable information. 

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      Mike Almerjanski Great I was taken as a sucker twice in the last 2 days. Glad neither cost me money.

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