My story (your suggestions) Dr Arvind Poswal


I am new here.

Would like to know your thoughts.

I begin by detailing my major life health points. I think I am a good candidate for knowing the effects of many of the anti-ageing medicines.


Age - 52 years


Was mostly vegetarian for first 18 years of life.

Started calorie restriction diet when I was 15 years of age. 1-2 chapati a meal became a lifelong habit.

Dabbled in anti ageing suggestions from time to time briefly till early 2021, when I again started researching and reached here.


In between, I took more alcohol than was good for 15-16 years. Now have stopped since 2020.

Cigarette - 3 to 4 a day.


Have led an active though city life as a doctor (being one of the inventors of fue hair transplant and BHT...just in case information).

Was 55 kg in college. Since my 30's weight has been between 65 to 74 kg. 


Major event was Gluten intolerance 6 years back.

Led to frailty and what I can best describe as accelerated ageing.

The gut was inflammed and led to weakening of the entire organ systems.


Fortunately, a lot of credit goes to my wife, I have recovered mostly.

I realised when I was skin and bones and no disease diagnosed except severe undernutrition due to lifestyle and gluten intolerance/Celiac, that medical education doesn't equip us with treating frailty and by extension ageing.

We expect people to get aged, get diseases and weaken and die.


Cutting short, I recently started,

1. Rapamycin 1 mg/day x 3 months. Stopped for past 1 month. Intend to start as 5 mg once a week.


2. Metformin - I am happy to say it worked lot for me. My mother is a type 2 diabetic. My own blood sugar was 238 pp. 

Now my blood sugar is normal. Except mildly elevated HbA1C. Since I started Metformin 3 months ago, my HbA1C levels have come down inspire of me taking no restrictions in sugar intake.


I intend to continue tablet Metformin 250mg twice daily. I may increase its dosage if research indicates additional benefits.


3. Took tablet Co enzyme Q10. One tablet a day and it worked wonders for me. I had lost a lot of weight and muscle in 2017-2019. Coenzyme Q10 returned strength to my muscles and it motivated me to improve myself. It works like a strength booster due to its effects on supporting mitochondria. I need to study this topic more. Your suggestions would be welcome 


4. Have ordered NMN and resveratrol. Plan to start that.


5. I recently started intravenous glutathione 1200 units once a week. That too has been very helpful in the gluten induced parasthesia in my feet. No other treatment could bring this benefit. I had lost hope of getting full sensation back in my feet. Now it's much better. On a scale of 1 to 10, if the problem (loss of sensation) was 8 earlier, it's 3 now.


Currently I am a non vegetarian taking north Indian gluten free home made diet with no restrictions (except that I habitually eat less). No alcohol. Daily 1 to 2 cups of tea and coffee with milk and sugar.

I work 8 to 10 hours a day in my own clinic alongside my wife and son ( a doctor too). No special exercise regime yet. In past used to go to nearby gym to do serious weight training and aerobics. This was off and on. More off, I guess.🙂

Weight - 68 kg. Obesity was never a problem.

Planning to start stretching exercises and yoga to prevent unnecessary damage to joints by wieght training.

My diet is high in milk, sugar, animal protein. However, as happens in indian diet, there is not much raw/ uncooked food. There is always spices, turmuric, garlic, onion in food providing antioxidants as only Indian foods can. 


I have got my blood work done twice this year.

My iron is marginally low. CRP has been raised for some years due to gluten.

Lipids (triglycerides and ldl are mildly raised)

Rest is normal.

I hope to hear from you. Please be gentle even though I may not have led the most healthy lifestyle.

Anti-ageing was my fascination since I turned 15 years of age.

I will share my experiences and hope to hear from you.

Dr A

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