Scenescent fibroblasts

Hi - first post/new here.

I've read with great interest about senolytics and I'm specifically looking for something that could target fibroblasts.  I'd found extract of milk thistle flowers that is being used by Clariant in their product Celyscence which targets fibroblasts.  I'm not sure if they're using Silymarin or something else they're extracting.  Anyone here have any knowledge either of this product or what else I could use to combat age spots/melasma?

I should add I've been self-medicating with Fisetin (3 days x 1500mg) and in terms of side effects, I felt no ill health whatsoever but my shoulder pain that I've had for the past two years has mysteriously disappeared - literally overnight.  My partner also took Fisetin  (3 days x 1800mg) and his shoulder pain (yep, both had the same problem!) also got better.  We both took it with a little extra virgin olive oil.

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