Using chelation for cardiovascular health

I wasn't sure if this was an appropriate topic for a longevity discussion.  But, with further thought, I figured any process that helps extend my life is appropriate.  About 2 years ago, my right carotid artery needed to be cleaned out.  At the time the surgeon did not see a need to do the left carotid, but put me on an "every 6 months" sonogram evaluation to see when the left side would need the "cleaning out" procedure.  I subscribe to a newsletter from a doctor who recommends IV chelation for clogged cardiovascular systems. I decided to use chelation to see if the results would be positive. I  always keep records of my medical test results, and thought I would be able to use them to evaluate the progress of the chelation.  After the first 6 month period of "once a week" IV chelation, my carotid sonogram showed that, while my right carotid still was clear,  my left carotid showed improvement.  None of the regular Drs to whom I go would accept that the left carotid was better than it had been.  The surgeon, my family DR, and the  technician who ran the sonogram would not accept the results of their own test as proof of positive results.  

After a second period of 6 months, the sonogram showed continued positive results.  It was better than the first one.  After viewing the results of the second sonogram, my surgeon said I did not need to get a 6 month test anymore,  and he suggested I have the test on a yearly basis.  I asked him if it would be possible to keep the every 6 month process since I was using the chelation and wanted to see the results.  He said yes, and in about 2 weeks, I am scheduled to have the 3rd sonogram to see if there has been further progress(which no regular Drs will attest to).  

Besides having better sonogram results, I also notice other factors changing for the better.  Among those positive changes are significantly improved erections and a greater capacity for and recovery from exercise.

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  • Jay Galambos said:
    I wasn't sure if this was an appropriate topic for a longevity discussion.  B

     Yes it is! Thanks Jay, I'm sequentially building up a longevity program (have been for years), and chelation therapy is on the list but I haven't yet gotten to it. I need to do more research but have anecdotally heard various positives and negatives to doing it. I'll add yours to the positives and post any research pointers I find. 

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      DanMcL I'll be fascinated to read reports on it.

  • This is an addendum to my original post.  Recently, I saw the results of another six months of chelation(still once a week, but alternating with IV and chelation suppositories).  I have done some additional reading about chelation, and found that suppositories have a similar effect to IV.  You buy the chelation suppositories online(they are MUCH less expensive than the IV, and you do not have to sit in a doctor's office for several hours).  I was skeptical at first, but continued reading online seemed to put my reluctance on hold (weekly IV chelation for about a year is supposed to be followed by a "weaning off/down" process of every two weeks; then every month).  So, in essence, I was keeping with the original protocol and adding the suppository process.

    The results of the most recent ultrasound of my carotids showed the amount of blockage has stayed about the same as the preceding six month ultrasound.  Which means the chelation helped quite a bit (taking the carotid blockage from an emergency basis to a watchful basis).  It seems, backed up by the IV doctor, that imagining having chelated blood vessels like a baby's is just a dream(foolish me). 

    The original doctor, whose monthly newsletter turned me on to chelation advocates an additional element be included with the protocol to further its positive effects.  I intend to discuss with the doctor who provides the chelation if he feels including the additional element might increase the effectiveness of my treatment.

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      Jay Galambos Thanks for the update. Have you made any other dietary changes? Reason I ask is because the only clinically validated way we have of clearing blockage (short of an operation) is through dietary changes - switching to a whole foods vegan diet basically. If you made any diet changes (e.g. eat less meat and dairy) that could also account for the maintenance. 

  • Since I began chelation, I have made no dietary changes.  My diet has been one of "moderation" and no alcohol.

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