Who is everyone?

Didn't see a thread mentioning who people are. Thought it would be engaging, to those that want to spill something. Starter: I'm James, founded an internet domain provider, currency trader. Within the field of age reversal, an enthusiast. Selling domain assets, looking at funding a couple areas

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  • I will bite,

    Name is Bruce, I am new here, I have been interested in longevity since I read reading Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw Practical Approach to life extension book when I was 13. I followed this stuff before the Internet existed.  I’m 51 now have taken care of myself and can still do a handstand on a good day.

    I am out in Canada, I started and run a small company that sells computers, servers, blah, blah, it pays the bills and keeps me busy.  My focus is to keep my body operational for as long as possible to keep life fun.

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    • That is so cool. I studied music but I read that book when I was 25 and joined the life Extension Foundation. And I have followed different message boards here and there and kept up with most of the research. But I only recently started applying all that I have learned after having a severe pancreatitis attack. It was a horrifying experience but it is turning out to be a blessing so far. I severely damaged my pancreas. They thought I would have to be on insulin and maybe end up on the waiting list for a transplant. But I feel better now than I have in years! 

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