how to get rid of depression and anxiety through medication

Anxiety and depression are two different things but you can get rid of them by taking a single pills. Anxiety and depression is so common now a days. a large num of crowd is facing the same issue on a large scale. 
some are able to cope with anxiety easily. some could not control it and hence it cause a big problem.
if someone is at an initial stage of an anxiety then he can control it even with the help of positive affirmation. 
But what about those who are facing a high level of depression. my advice for those who are in a bad condition is that, they should take green xanax bars 3mg. This is a powerful drug which help you to overcome an anxiety overnight.  

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  • I respect the post. My little advice would be staying away from drugs, especially as a lot are not truly, extensively proven supplements, a lot can be overcome without drugs. In rare cases, if someone has a condition, then possibly. "Vast majority" of cases I would suggest we cause anxiety, depression, stress to ourselves, from the factors around us, or other. Meditation, taking breaks, realising the "good" of life, remaining optimistic, hopeful, understanding time heals...more positive outlook

  • I often hear such an opinion, but for some reason, I'm afraid to start taking this drug. For me, the most important thing is to heal and not to get caught on new antidepressants, which will then have a hundred percent withdrawal syndrome. So far, I've been reading various articles on about the benefits of marijuana, and it seems to me that I will first try to use it to relieve my anxiety. If there is someone here who has already done this, please write about your experience and your difficulties. It will be exciting to read and know what can be waiting for me

  • Do not take this drug without the advise of your physician. This is an addictive medication with significant withdrawal.

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  • And what other medications help with anxiety?

  • Never take medications for anxiety or depression without a doctor's instructions. The active substances contained in pills that treat neurotic or mental disorders are very toxic and cause many side effects. Contact a specialist if you want to be cured and not remain a disabled person. He will help you go through Individual Counseling and make a list of medications that will complement each other and help you cope with your condition and not make it worse. Remember that mental health is not a joke but important detail of existence in society. Be careful.

  • In 90% of cases, doctors start with an SSRI. If this approach does not help, prescribe SNRI. Many patients complain of side effects on weight and libido and ask their doctor to change therapy. Then different antidepressants of the same class are recommended, which sometimes improve the situation. It is often understood that this does not solve the problem and switch to atypical antidepressants or combinations.

    Some doctors rely on another approach, which from personal experience I can say is more gentle on the patient. An SNRI + tranquilizer such as xanax is prescribed. This very quickly eliminates depression. After 2-3 months, the tranquilizer is stopped and SARI is added. The dose of SNRI is reduced. The addition of SARI minimizes the negative effects of SNRIs on weight and sexual dysfunction. In many cases, SNRI can be stopped completely.

    Depression can be a very traumatic condition, which in many cases can only be treated with medication. With the right approach, depression can be cured for a long time and even forever.

    I have been through all this and I will be happy if I can help someone with my experience. My advice is to discuss the options with your doctor. The more you communicate with him, the better he will navigate in your case. If he doesn't want a discussion, just replace him with another.

  • I'm sorry, but I'm strongly reluctant to accept these Xanax bars as a smart solution for fighting depression and anxiety. In the case of mild depression, you might consider some psychotherapy sessions, but in the case of an aggravated state, I highly suggest getting an appointment with a psychiatrist. Xanax(alprazolam) has undesirable serious adverse reactions like amnesia on long-term use. You could also consider reaching dispensary brantford for CBD products (THC free) which provide wonderful results, and adverse reactions are practically avoided. Cheers!

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